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Bob Builds a Mountain Bike 2007


Ok! I am off and running on this project to build a mountain bike.  The frame has been ordered and is on its way here.  Hopefully over the next weeks I will get the time to put this bike together.  During that time I will give you the highlights of this build.


The bike will be a hard tail mountain bike with front suspension. I found the frame on eBay. I plan on mechanical disc brakes rather than the traditional rim brakes. I am trying to build this bike for around $1000.00. The only parts I have already are the seat and the pedals. Everything else is new. It is much cheaper to buy a bike of this quality already built from a bike shop, but you pay for your fun to have a one-of-a-kind bike. The parts are not high end components but should combine to make good quality and interesting bike.



Yes!  It’s Monday evening June the 18th and I’ve successfully ordered the parts online. Now we wait for our friendly delivery men.

And wait......

Here comes the comes the frame.

The frame awaits the components.

Here are most of the parts.

Time to do some serious bike building.

End of day 1.  Seat, derailleurs, cranks, fork & stem installed.

End of day 2.  Complete