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Midnight Barn Bike was started in 2008 as a service to help the cycling community with an alternative to the conventional bike repair shop that's usually open no later than early evenings. Since I work a regular daytime job too, I'm trying to help the majority of us who also work the standard hours and try to get a few miles in before it gets dark.  I'm usually around in the barn tweeking my bike and playing around with other projects.  Pay no attention to that 1948 Plymouth.  It's gone now.

Company History
Starting in the spring of 2008 I've helped friends, family and others get their bikes in working order. 

The Barn - Viewed from Vinton Street....the old Plymouth isn't there anymore.

1974 Nine Day Bike Tour - Helmets????  Not Then!  That's a Fuji Finest....Great Bike.

My First NEW Bike. I added the Duel Headlights, Generator, Speedometer and a Bag full of Tools.  It weighed a TON.  Pee Wee Herman eat your heart out.  Eventually the seat fell apart, the chrome got rusty and the lights and generator stopped working.  After college I stripped it down to the bare bones and rode it that way.