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Midnight Barn Bike - Update

Midnight Barn is a part time after hours bike repair venture with a small but loyal following of folks who trust me with their bikes.

Over my life I have assembled bikes from scratch, repaired bikes that were disasters of neglect, rebuilt wheels and given helpful advice on maintenance.

I'm a Cycling Merit Badge councilor for the Mohegan Council BSA and advocate and practice safe cycling according to the cycling laws.

I enjoy and ride regularly with Dick's Easy C Riders group of the Seven Hills Wheel Men.

Winter is HERE....See you in the SPRING!!!!!

Road Bike Standard Tune Up - $40.00 Includes:

* Adjust and Clean Front and Rear Derailleurs, Inspect Cables

* Adjust and Clean Front and Rear Brakes and Inspect Cables and Pads

* Inspect and Clean Chain

* Inspect and Clean Cogs and Chain Rings

* Inspect and Adjust Wheel Hubs if needed

* Inspect and True Wheels if needed

* Inspect and Adjust Headset if needed

* Inspect and Adjust Bottom Bracket and Cranks if needed

New parts and associated replacement time extra charge.  All labor is $20.00 / hr.